Hi, I’m Eryn!  Thanks for visiting me.  Did we meet out in the world already or are you new to my site?  Ohhh it doesn’t matter.  Now we’re connected, that’s the important thing.

Holy wow, did the world change me!  I have to tell you about it.

When I left the U.S. I was a different person; unhappy, depressed and discontent.  I was imprisoned by my own mind.  A mind that held me in a twisted version of my less than self. This view I had of myself tainted all areas of my life, personally and professionally.  It wasn’t pretty people, it wasn’t pretty.

One day I realized I needed to take responsibility for my emotional health.  There was no one to blame but me, but it took me a long time to figure that out.  Then it became clear.  I needed to focus on the only project that really mattered – me.

I gave up my steel toe boots, hard hat and 16-year career in construction management and set the intention to find my highest self.  I put all my worldly possessions in storage, left my dog with my mom, said tearful, fearful goodbyes and boarded a one-way flight to India.  I was scared to death – of leaving, of the unknown, of what I’d find within myself and in the world – but you know what they say about desperate times…  I had to go.

Twenty eight months later (I had no idea I’d be gone that long!) I returned to America, a new version of myself, now determined to align myself with a more purpose driven life.  I see it as an incredible gift from God to have been given the courage and circumstances to go out into the world to heal myself.  Wouldn’t it be a slap in the face, to the Universe and the Divine Source that sent me into the world, if I selfishly kept all I learned to myself?  My purpose now is clear; to help others navigate their own healing journeys and return to their truest selves.

The world is in a desperate state and I now see that we’re all responsible.  When we live lives from a place of our own pain, we bring pain to others; our children, partners, friends, colleagues, even strangers.  Simply put, hurt people hurt people. But there’s a way through to healing, happiness, radical self acceptance and deep self worth.  Truly there is.

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself.  If you want to eliminate the suffering of the world, then awaken all that is dark and negative in yourself.  Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ~ Lao Tzu

When we propel a shift individually, we propel a shift collectively.  There was a time I couldn’t fully understand that.  Most of my life I woefully thought, this is just who I am, I can’t really change myself.  Now that I’ve seen the paradigm shift within myself, knowing it’s possible, I see how critical it is for us to rise up beyond our emotional wounds.  Perhaps it’s even a human responsibility to find forgiveness, acceptance and healing within ourselves if we’re able.  It’s hard work, it’s true.  It requires that we face ourselves in total truth and that’s not always fun. But it’s worth it!

I’m not talking about formal education to escalate our careers or training as an athlete, this is about upping our emotional intelligence and fine tuning the mind; it is the mind that creates suffering and chaos in our lives.  When we master the mind we are limitless. Unshakeable.  It’s like anything though, what we put energy towards will strengthen. The alternative is to carry on as we have been, with emotional eating, unhealthy relationships, depression, addictions and an overall sense of low self-worth.  I’ve lived from both sides of these prison bars and it’s now an easy choice.  I choose freedom.

I said “yes” to prioritizing myself and I’m so grateful for the quantum leap that came when I set that purposeful intention.  I hope you’ll say “yes” too.

Set the intention.  Make the choice.  Take action to facilitate personal development.  I’d start with My Book, Facing Freedom.  That’s the most cost effective way to find inspiration in the depths of my story and it includes an integrated practice that will springboard you to your higher self, initiating your inward journey.  If you feel to work with me one-on-one or in a group setting, check out my Coaching page.

Intention + Choice = Positive Action

Are you with me?

In whatever path you choose, I wish you peace and harmony with mind, body and spirit.  If you’ve found that, truly you’ve found everything.