About Eryn

Hi, I’m Eryn!  Thanks for visiting me.  Did we meet out in the world already or are you new to my site?  Ohhh it doesn’t matter.  Now we’re connected, that’s the important thing.

Holy wow, did the world change me!  I have to tell you about it.

When I left the U.S. I was a different person – unhappy, depressed and discontent.  I was imprisoned by my own mind; a mind that held me in a twisted version of my less than self. This view I had of myself tainted all areas of my life, personally and professionally, and caused me to make decisions from a place of fear instead of love. It wasn’t pretty people, it wasn’t pretty.

One day I realized I needed to take responsibility for my emotional health. There was no one to blame but me, but it took me a lonnnnng time to figure that out. Then I had a moment of clarity and the path revealed itself.  It was time to focus on the only project that really mattered – me.

I gave up my steel toe boots, hard hat and 16-year career in construction management and set the intention to find my highest self.  I put all my worldly possessions in storage, left my dog with my mother, said tearful, fearful goodbyes and boarded a one-way flight to India.  I was scared to death – of leaving, of the unknown, of what I’d find within myself and in the world – but you know what they say about desperate times…  I had to go.

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