I’m a Personal Power Coach.  What’s that, you’re wondering?

Technically speaking, I’m a Certified Life Coach, which encompasses many areas of life, but my niche is women empowerment.  I’m passionate about helping women become strong, confident, happy and emotionally grounded.  That doesn’t always come naturally – well it didn’t for me anyway.

One day, discussing with my life coaching friend what niche market we’d have the most impact in, she said, “Be who you needed.”  That’s when it hit me… women empowerment!  Yes!

There was a time not so long ago where I lived from a place of inner chaos and angst.  One friend said, “It’s like you were a shadow of the real you.”  It started at a young age and lasted into my late 30’s.  I’d never known another way of life existed.  Until I went out into the world with the intention to find my highest self.  And I did!

This is how the old and new me compare:

  • I used to be an emotional eater – now I’m not.  I can’t tell you how many yo-yo diets I’ve tried and failed as my weight fluctuated with every fad diet.  Now I am free from that cycle and live in a healthy weight and body.  Hurrah!
  • Holding a commitment to an exercise routine never happened – now I feel lost if I don’t get to do yoga and meditation every day.  I’m still baffled by this!
  • My ‘inner bully’ used to unconsciously run loops of negative inner dialogue that said, you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, not pretty enough, not going to be accepted if ________, not loved enough, not skinny enough.  Can you relate? And standing in front of a mirror for more than 3 seconds?  Forget about it!  Now my mind is silent in that arena and I don’t even compare myself to others anymore.  This is a true miracle my friends!
  • Most of life I numbed myself with binge television, fatty foods and occasionally alcohol. When I was lost and alone, I turned to these coping mechanisms.  Now I don’t even own a TV, I eat healthy because it feels right and I rarely drink.  All of this because I want to, not because my inner bully made me do it.
  • Relationships?  Oyyy.  I was one to stay in relationships long after our Titanic love hit the iceberg of doom.  I should’ve taken the life boat long before, but instead I hung on for dear life until the bitter end.

Is any of this sounding familiar ladies?  OK, here’s what I figured out.  All of these characteristics, so common in our society today, stem from this inherent lacking sense of self worth.  You likely won’t even recognize it as such, but it’s the same trait that keeps you from saying no to events you don’t really want to attend.  It’s the same trait that quietly urges you to prioritize others over yourself.

Some of these traits come from societal conditioning – as women we’re brought up to serve others – thank goodness that is changing.  Certain traits are deep seated from childhood and tricky to unlearn as they’ve become behavioral patterns.  I myself, fell into the ‘fatherless daughter syndrome’ and at a young age turned to boys for validation, acceptance and love. This is a dangerous combination with lasting effects.

We’re all living complex lives with a million different variables that are effecting, in countless ways, how our individual futures are playing out. No two lives are the same and none of us know what lies ahead, but I do know this; we rarely, if ever, excel our consciousness by maintaining the status quo.

Let’s challenge ourselves, our fears and our pain and elevate beyond our victimhood. This is the best chance we have for a healthy, happy life.

Yowza people, let’s do this!