Fatherless Daughters

Fatherless Daughters

If you grew up with an absent father, this has likely influenced your emotional, social and behavioral development. A young girl growing into a woman, without a consistent father presence, will often struggle with low self worth which can show itself in a variety of ways:

  • body image issues or body dysmorphia
  • emotional eating
  • sexual promiscuity or avoidance
  • self esteem issues
  • boundaries (not having them or allowing them to be overridden)
  • feelings of shame and/or guilt
  • depression
  • suicidal ideation or attempts
  • over-giving or people pleasing
  • chameleon tendencies – losing your true self to be accepted
  • jealousy
  • inability to keep commitment to oneself
  • fear of abandonment
  • unhealthy attachment styles in relationships
  • repressed anger
  • allowing emotional or physical abuse from a romantic partner
  • engaging in adulterous relationships
  • never feeling whole within oneself
  • looking outside oneself to fill the void inside
  • continued broken relationships or
  • staying in unhealthy relationships long after their natural expiration date

When we are starving for love we will torture ourselves in a thousand ways to get it. These expressions within our personalities are actually signs of unmet needs early in life. Self worth is the key factor in this painful existence you may be experiencing today.

Introduction to Fatherless Daughters

Denying our worth – Fatherless Daughters

In this short video I read an excerpt from ‘The Wounded Woman’ by Linda Leonard. This is a really important book about healing the father-daughter relationship. Here I expand on what Linda wrote and talk a little about the unconscious patterns that can drive our behaviors.


You don’t have to live the rest of your life in this version of yourself!

If you’re ready to look at these things within yourself honestly, we can turn your pain into power. You can find inner contentment and confidence you never knew existed and this changes everything! I hope you’ll reach out if you’re in need of support.

Intention + Choice = Action

Let’s do this!

Other Resources

Oprah aired an episode specifically dedicated to fatherless daughters and their unique struggles. You may find this valuable to know you’re not alone in this journey.

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