Current Creative Works

Icons of Transformation

I have a lovely little studio in downtown Hillsborough, NC where I spend my time creating (Rumi, my K-9 companion supervises). I start with wood as my canvas and bring it all to life with backlit mosaics. It is from a deep place of inner necessity I am working on the Icons of Transformation series, currently in progress.

Choose to Rise (Icon #1) – SOLD

Woodworking, epoxy, backlit glass mosaic, shou sugi bahn with painted stain finish and light box (4’T x 3’W).

Return to Self (Icon #2)

This large-scale special piece will be displayed in the Uproar Art Festival between July 14th and August 12th, 2023 in either Carborro, Hillsborough, or Chapel Hill, NC! I’m sworn to keep the completed piece to myself until it’s installed—this is top secret stuff! Here are a few in progress images.

Silence Speaks (Icon #3) – in progress

Woodworking, epoxy, backlit glass mosaic, shou sugi bahn wood finish with light box – completion June 2023 (4’T x 3’W).

Stay tuned for Icons #4-12, in progress for 2023 and 2024.