Mandalas as Sacred Art

Carl Jung, famous Swiss psychoanalyst worked extensively with the sacred art of mandalas and found them to be an incredible tool for healing and transformation. He wrote, “had I left those images hidden in the emotions, I might have been torn to pieces by them.”

I began drawing mandalas on my first layover in Delhi. As I traveled, they became an extension of my traveling self—my companion when alone, my meditation when confronting myself and a description of the day when there were no words.

Only in month 28 of my trip, my final month abroad, did I learn of Jung’s work and realized they were one of his most prized tools to aid in self-realization and individuation. I’d been healing all along while drawing them, I just didn’t know it until then!

“It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the center. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the center, to individuation.”  ~ Carl Jung

My mandalas were once only in the worn pages of my journals. Now they are penned in gallery quality art-form, hand drawn with no measuring tools. First exhibited in London, May 2017.

Mandalas as a healing tool

Art, in the west, is primarily viewed as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘amateur’ or ‘professional’; all of these are labels given to place monetary value on someone’s creation. What if we were viewing artistic expression all wrong?

What if the act of creating itself was healing? Well it is! When we work with our hands it allows our brains to rest and work through things in natural ways, much like a computer that updates in the background at night. Any form of creativity is great, whether you’re a carpenter or a crocheter, painter or sculptor.

Many are drawn to working with mandalas, even if they don’t know why. Mandalas symbolize wholeness and unity with the earth. They are an archetypal image of what we’re all striving for, wholeness. Art in the form of circles is found in all cultures across the globe and many religious traditions from Christianity to Buddhism.

I’m a mandala artist but I also study and work with mandalas. They are rich in meaning and much can be interpreted from someone’s mandala. I’m a certified MARI© practitioner and love working with people within this system and interpreting their personal mandalas. They are amazingly insightful as to what’s going on in the inner world of an individual. This, then opens the gateway to work with them as a therapeutic tool.

See, these two drawings wouldn’t typically be considered ‘art’, they’re more like child’s drawings. But creating a masterpiece isn’t the point. These allow for deep unconscious processes to come to the surface; they are then expressed in the color selection and placement of artistic strokes and embellishments around what Joan Kellogg called “The Great Round”.

So much can be learned about ourselves through drawing a mandala. Are you ready to see yourself more clearly? Ask me about working with mandalas and the MARI© system.

Intentional Mandalas

What’s that? I combine your goals and aspirations with my mandala drawing skills to bring you what I call, intentional mandalas. Together we have a 45 minute video call where I learn about what you’re focusing on in life; what are your struggles, intentions, dreams and wishes, and where you are on your inward journey.

After our session I take those intentions and infuse them into a one of a kind, hand drawn mandala just for you. These mandalas can then be used as powerful meditation tools or a helpful reminder of the goals you’re working towards. These infused mandalas can be quite powerful when used with your pure intention towards betterment and transformation.

Most often people like a small postcard size that can be kept easily in smaller spaces, a journal or perhaps a wallet as constant reminder and source of encouragement on their journey. These are priced at $150 and cover our video session and the custom mandala that takes approximately two hours to draw.

intentional mandala edit.jpg

Custom sizes and commissioned art pieces are also available. Let’s talk.