Sacred Art

I began drawing mandalas on my first layover in Delhi. As I traveled, they became an extension of my traveling self—my companion when alone, my meditation when confronting myself and a description of the day when there were no words.

Only in month 28 of my trip, my final month abroad, did I realize they were one of Carl Jung’s most prized tools to aid in self-realization and individuation.

“It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the center. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the center, to individuation.”  ~ Carl Jung

My mandalas were once only in the worn pages of my journals. Now they are penned in gallery quality art-form, hand drawn with no measuring tools. First exhibited in London, May 2017.

Just out – Art of Awakening

The Mandala Immersion event in London sprung to life a collaborative effort with gallery owner, Edward Hill, in a joint book we’ve titled, Art of Awakening. Available now in the London gallery, Made in Greenwich, not yet available on Amazon.

me and book cover great pic

Then we have…

Intentional Mandalas

What’s that? I combine my life coaching and mandala drawing skills to bring individuals what I call, intentional mandalas. Together we have a 45 minute Skype conversation where I learn about what you’re focusing on in life, what are your struggles, intentions, goals, aspirations and where you are on your inward journey.

After our session I take those intentions and infuse them into a one of a kind, hand drawn mandala just for you. These mandalas can then be used as powerful meditation tools or a helpful reminder of the goals you’re working towards. These infused mandalas can be quite powerful when used with your pure intention towards betterment.

Most often people like a small postcard size that can be kept easily in smaller spaces, a journal or perhaps a wallet as constant encouragement on their journey. These are priced at $150 and cover our Skype coaching session and the custom mandala that takes approximately two hours to draw.

intentional mandala edit.jpg

Custom sizes and commissioned art pieces are also available. Let’s talk.