In September, 2019 I had the privilege to speak at the Eurotas Transpersonal Conference in Paris. What a fabulous event! Here, change-makers from around the globe, interested in spirituality and science, came together to discuss important topics relevant to our ever-changing world with the focus on human and planetary well being.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, public speaking engagements are on hold. Tune in to my youtube channel for short videos on various topics of transformation. Online courses will be available shortly.

Inner World Crisis = Outer World Crisis (Synopsis of Eurotas Talk)

Westernized societies today are suffering a crisis of the Inner Soul. This is evident with our widespread depression, mental health and obesity issues, increasing rates of divorce, suicide and even school shootings in the United States. We’ve become a culture that prioritizes career endeavors, acquisition of meaningless things, reality TV dramas and financial advancement rather than nature, family and nourishing connections. This depletes the soul.

This ‘soul void’ produces a very ‘I’ centered individual, for when we are in pain, we are selfish. From that inner space we soothe ourselves with the overconsumption of retail products and body-mind-soul harming food, drugs and activities. This crisis of the soul creates a crisis for earth through climate change – from overconsumption leading to vast pollution from production, with excessive waste in our throw-it-away society and continually showing irreverence for Nature and animal species.

People and Nature are crying out for help but we ignore these cries.

Yet, if we make the conscious choice to minimize the chaos of our inner world, examine our lives closely and work to heal our internal suffering we will realize the significance of our existence and will no longer be able to spend our time and energy unwisely. For the sake of people, animals and planet, we must heal the soul void within so we can rise up individually and collectively to meet our true human potential. Should we carry on within the same story expecting different results? No, we must find inner contentment and healing so our communities will be healthy, connected and resilient; that is to say, truly sustainable.