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Facing Freedom

If you’re interested in reading more about my background and the healing journey that brought me back to wholeness, check out my first book, Facing Freedom.

In March of 2014, I made what many viewed as a questionable decision to leave the life I’d known in the United States.  The walls of my world crumbled around me like a building’s demolition, my three structural pillars – marriage, career and homestead were leveled – and I controlled the wrecking ball.  When the dust settled from my life’s destruction, I found myself lost in a land of unknowns with no blueprints for reconstruction.

I did, however, have this insistent intuitive force that kept gnawing at me, compelling me to drastically alter my course.  I resisted and fought myself, averse to the idea of change, but eventually I made an unlikely plan; pausing life as I knew it in America and resuming play in India.  I had only two intentions when I left on my one-way flight – to find my highest self and a new creative path for my future.

Out of  my 28-month healing journey across 5 continents, came this book.  Meant to be a healing text, sacred to me if no one else, I recount the transformative experiences that ultimately elevated me to a place of sustained contentment and true happiness.  These were traits that eluded me; their absence tormented me in the life I’d left behind.  Only when I came to find a healthy version of myself did I fully realize how emotionally unhealthy I’d been, all while putting on a pretty face and functioning in society.

I left broken and came back whole. This is my story.

P.S. Facing Freedom is also an integrated practice that you can use to begin your own inward journey.  You don’t need to travel the world to initiate healing.  The power is inside you.  The answers are within.  You just need a few tools to unearth the true essence of self.

Facing Freedom now available on Amazon. Join me on this intentional journey of self-transformation.

Art of Awakening

Artists Eryn Donnalley and Edward Hill showcase their unique mandala art in this special book titled, Art of Awakening.

Edward’s passion was environmental based and he produced his mandalas through immersion in nature as a landscape photographer, creating photospheres. Eryn began drawing mandalas when she boarded her one-way flight to India on an odyssey that turned out to be an intensive self-healing journey around the world.

The vision of the book was this: if we make the conscious choice to minimize the chaos of our inner world, examine our lives closely and work to heal our internal suffering we will realize the significance of our existence and will no longer be able to spend our time and energy unwisely. For the sake of people, animals and planet, we must heal the soul void within so we can rise up individually and collectively to meet our true human potential. Should we carry on within the same story of personal and planetary destruction expecting different results? No, we must find inner contentment and healing so our communities will be healthy, connected and resilient; that is to say, truly sustainable.

The authors share this vision through their individual stories and art showcased in Art of Awakening.

(Currently not available for purchase)

In loving memory of Edward Hill